Alena Hovorkova
Brno, Czech Republic

About me

Coming from ´2D still imagery´ background (specialized in Photoshop image postproduction .. & graphic design, illustration, concept art, photography, photo retouching & restoration, etc. /mainly for print) ..
recently - I´ve finally ´transitioned´ to motion ..
And never looked back.
Now, all my previous (Photoshop & beyond) skills pretty nicely translate to motion .. in many its forms ..
(motion design / design for motion & film / animation / vfx / 25D / 3D ) ..
Love all of them :)

Even though I´m still pretty new to this field (and there´s always something to learn, this learning process never ends, really) .. there´s a lot of things I could probably help you with, straight away.
Always interested in exploring new options out there .. and joining interesting - and/or - collaborative projects with other fellow artists ..

Working REMOTELY..

As I live pretty far from where ´it all happens´ (and from where all those great studios & work opportunities are located) - I work remotely, from my home studio.

I am also happy to work in-house, if there´s such a chance or if it helps the project (I have previous experience working ´in-house´ both for studios/agencies, medical institutions or technological companies /Zebra Technologies Brno, etc. Also - relocated to Prague, for some time, in the past.)
At the moment though, I live in Brno - working remotely from home.
(GMT+2 timezone)

about my English

As a self-taught (in non-English environment) English speaker - my limited English is far from being perfect.
But - having used it pretty often, recently, while working for international companies, etc. - we never really had any major communication problems (just some more clarifications necessary, from time to time, to be sure we are all on the same page .. )

About client work

In the past years, I had been working with/for many different studios / agencies / publishing houses / photography schools / magazines / medical institutions & publishers / game developers / technological companies / e-learning .. (or direct clients - photographers, Photoshop students, etc) ..
Due to NDA, though (or a private nature of data - medical patients data, etc.) - I can´t include those projects in my portfolio. That´s why mainly personal projects can be found in my portfolio(s) / website, atm.

about © copyright /credits info, etc.

All images / illustrations / visuals / etc. on this site (unless stated otherwise) are created by me / © alena hovorkova.
Pls do not reproduce (or otherwise use) any content, without permission/licencing.

For full info & credits (if applicable) - pls view the original post(s) / referenced links .. on Vimeo, Behance, etc..
(Due to limited functionality of the website template I am using - only previews / external /embedded links - via their respective platforms /Vimeo, Behance, etc., are possible here, for some type of content).
More info / credits (if applicable) are always included with the original project, either on Behance or Vimeo.

About my social media presence ..

Over the years, as I was doing (or learning) many diferent things, I was also - in different time spans - active in many different art/photo communities, forums or social media platforms .. and also built (quite a few) different on-line portfolios, each one with a bit different content, for a different audience ..
For some time it worked fine, since all those activities of mine were pretty separated, independent on each other - but - recently - as technologies/workflows slowly started to blend together, kind of .. it turned out this randomly ´scattered´ on-line presence of mine (CG society, ArtStation, ZBrush Central, ConceptArt, Dribbble, Thumblr, 500px, Instagram, Linked-In, Etsy, Youtube, Vimeo, several different Behance portfolios, 3 accounts on Instagram etc.) .. starts to be a bit confusing, for those who want to follow me nowadays ..
So - to make things (a bit) more simple -
(regardless of other places still showcasing my old work), nowadays I am actively using just about 6 of them:
Behance (as a main on-line HUB / ´documentary archive´ of mine, showcasing all important projects, as I go - incl. detailed info, credits, making of / breakdowns, etc.),
Vimeo (as my main video platform),
(three) Instagram accounts (each one for a bit different type of posts/audience)
& Linked-In (just as a professional summary, not very active there, neither).
Now also added
Twitter to the mix.

All social media links on top of the page.

even more about me ..

Just in case.
Some other (former) activities of mine ..
Recently, I have no time for these any more - but - still - pretty important part of me / of what I do / love ..
Maybe I´ll get back to it, some day, again ..